Roy R. Sorenson / Editor / Publisher

Well, let's start with my name; Roy R. Sorenson. I was born and raised in a small town about 20 minutes across the bay from San Francisco were I've lived most of my life. I did spend about three years of my life in Los Angeles, which gave me a greater appreciation for my small town. Northern California is a great place to live, with mountains on one side of you, and ocean on the other side. Then there's the fantastic Bay Area with a 1,000 things to do and places to see. San Francisco is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

After getting out of High School I attend Chabot College where I studied Automotive Technology. You see, I'm a big"Gear Head", a person who loves cars. I love to build custom cars, I love to race cars, I go to every car show, I love attending car races of any kind, I love cars! I also publish HOT CARS magazine (www.HOTCARSmag.com). So the first half of my life I was an auto mechanic, brake and front end specialist. But a bad back and wanting more of a challenge in my life changed all that. While I was working as a mechanic I was also publishing a model car newsletter for a Northern California model car club. Well, what with all the great talent to draw on here in Northern California, the newsletter became so popular that people all over the country were reading it. The newsletter soon turned into a full pledge magazine. I published PLASTIC FANATIC magazine for nearly twelve years. It was a great opportunity for me to travel all over the country and meet some unbelievably great people. Model car builders are some of the most friendly and generous people you'll ever meet. If I traveled to a new city I didn't know, I'd just call a modeler there and ask if he could show me around. One year I attended a huge convention in Indianapolis by myself, since I had no one to help me man my booth, I would have to close the both to go photograph the event. The local model car club there stepped in and ran my booth while I photographed the show.

At the same time I was doing Plastic Fanatic I owned a mail order business called "Garage Scenes". It was a catalog filled with all the latest aftermarket detail parts for model builders. Just like the real car builders, the model car builders wanted custom parts for their projects. The catalog featured machine aluminum wheels, braided line, custom spark plug wires, A/N fittings, custom valve covers, etc. The service proved to be very popular with the modelers. My catalog started as a two page Xerox, and ended up being a 36 page catalog by the time I sold the business. During this time I was also involved with helping run model car contests and shows. Our local club helped run the contests at many of the local car shows, including the world famous Grand National Roadster Show. But a new kind of show was evolving, a noncompetitive show called NNLs (National Nameless Luminaries). So I decided to start an NNL here in the bay area. I held the first one 35 years ago in a small, dark, local community center, but now it has grown into one of the BIGGEST model car shows in the country, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in San Jose, the NNL Western Nationals is one of the most fun shows to attend. The next show is Feb. 2020 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, for more info go to: NNLWest.org (a web site I built and maintain).

For the last 30+ years I've been doing freelance work for both the model car magazines and real car magazines. My works have been featured in Scale Auto Enthusiast, Street Rodder, FineScale Modeler, Popular HotRodding, American Rodder and more. I've also had work featured in overseas magazines in Japan, and Australia. Although, I have to admit the only thing I understood in the Japaneese magazine was my by line. There's a great joy in photographing and sharing events, information, etc. with other people and I suspect that I'll be a freelance photo journalist/writer all my life. Several years ago though I sold both the magazine and mail order business', and began looking around for something new to accomplish in my life. A friend hired me to be a cyber magazine editor for eScaleCars.com and that kind of got me interested in the whole Internet thing. I decided to go back to school and learn web design. But then, the bottom fell out of the Internet and I began to look for a different major. I found 3D modeling and fell in love with it ! It encompass' everything I love; art, photograph, and model building. A few years ago I graduated from Silicon Valley college in Fremont, CA where I earned a B/A in Visual Design. I also attended 3D Exchange in Alameda, CA as an extension out of SVC. After graduating (in the top 10% of my class) I ran into the "age wall" in the animation business! Today I'm a retired commercial photograher from one of the biggest auto auction houses on the west coast. I photographed the high end cars for internet sales. But nights and weekends I'm publishing HOT CARS magazine, and Model Car Builder. I've been a Revell National Model Car Contest judge, I'm a member of the International Model Car Builder museum's "Hall of Fame", and a "NNL Ring of Honor" member.


Neil Van Zile / Copy Editor / Photographer

Neil has been a car geek ever since a friend of his mom's (Connie Hines, who played Wilbur's wife in the "Mister Ed" TV show) took him for a ride in her red 1965 Ford Mustang convertible with a white top. 

He built his first model when he was five. He couldn't read, but he could follow the instructions in the pictures. 

In 1988, he founded the MassCar Model Club. During the 1990's, Neil worked as a motorsports photographer and writer, and was track photographer at New England Dragway and Lebanon Valley Dragway. His work also has appeared in many scale modeling magazines. 

He currently owns a 1968 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. His wife drives a red 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, with a white top.

Lynne Ottoson-Sorenson / Marketing Manager

Lynne has been a school teacher most of her life. She's semi retired, teaching as a subsitute in the local school district. Then in 2005 she married our Editor and found out what it was like being married to a gear head! But no worries, Lynne was pretty much a gearhead already. She's own some fun cars in her life, including a Mustang that she restored herself, and a Fiero that she enjoyed driving.

As Marketing Manager Lynne has been a driving force behind Model Car Builders ever expanding distribution, and will be assisting in advertising and promotions.

Lynne has recently picked up the camera and is shooting pictures for both HOT CARS and Model Car Builder magazines.

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NNL West Yearbook 2020

NNL West Yearbook 2020

By Roy Sorenson in Model Car Builder

40 pages, published 3/1/2020

This year's NNL West was another HUGE success and we bring you 40 full color pages of pictures! The "Gallery" feature that was in last year's yearbook returns with close up features on four great models! We spot light the winners and show you picks of dozens of cars. This is a must have photo book if you were there, or if you wanted to be there.
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