In this premiere issue of Model Car Builder we take an in-depth look at what you need to know to send parts to a chrome plater. We build a 1934 Duesenberg and detail it with a "tuck and roll" interior, we give a '41 Woody a classic "surfer" look, and Steve Hinson shares his award winning '59 Impala "Starhawk" with us. In this issue we build our second woody and show you how-to super detail a Revell '32 Ford chassis. Stan Pinnick shows us his replica of Dan Gurney's '67 Trans Am Cougar. Jim Fernandez shows us step-by-step how he built his hilarious "I Scream Truck". We build a "Skull Rod", and get started on the "Miss Molly" Merc. Extra's include a look at a "Photo Studio in a Box" and some "Mechanical Wonders".
In this issue of MCB we have some great Southern California feature cars like John Teresi's "P29 Roadster", a look at workbench tools, how-to photograph your model for the Revell National contest, scratchbuilding fenders, and much more! In this issue we have Neil VanZile's fantastic "Surf Hearse", Custom WILD Trucks from the Blackhawk Auto Museum, and it's a special "Drag Car" issue! We show you how to build a ProMod Camaro body, show you a couple of cool drag car models from L.A., and we check out the model dragster display at the NHRA museum!
In this issue of MCB we show you how to replicate Gary Meadors very famous '32 sedan, part one on scratchbuilding a full tube chassis, airbrush tips, Chris Hales GT40 is one of our feature cars, Eric Ellerbusch's "Best of Show" '49 Ford being the other! We review the "How to Build Championship Scale Vehicles" book, and then build some very weird motors! Special anniversary issue! In this issue we build three of the hottest new kits; Revell's '48 Ford Custom, Polar Lights Batmobile, and Revell's 1/12th Mustang GT500! In the Builder's Gallery we have Jerry Shoeger with a nice assortment of his cars, and a special look at Randy Vandriass' "Dry Lake Racing Team". The Miss Molly Merc project returns, and our ProMod chassis get's rear suspension. We take a look at Pebble Beach cars and check out a 1/6th scale Duesenberg. Don't miss this issue!
We have so much packed into this special "Race Cars & Customs" issue that I almost ran out of space on the contents page. We've got some really interesting builds in this issue including a how-to on a custom '54 Buick from a modeler in France, and a 1/12th scale Ferrari 512M driven by Mario Andretti in the 1970 12 hours of Seabring. And there's a whole lot more, check it out... We've got some really interesting cars and articles in this issue. Brass sprint cars to '37 Ford snowplows! How to use Alclad and how to do 3D printing. Cool HEMIs, and more!
In this issue we have a very spooky '32 seadn by John Teresi, a large scale '32 roadster and Honda GP car by Ken Leslie, Nathan "Skip" Perrine shows us a cool gas station. Our ProMod chassis project continues, and we build a pair of flamed '56 Chevies, plus much, much more... WOW! Check out that cover! That's John Teresi's amazing 1/16th scale replica of Chip Kings "Shark Mouth" ProMod Daytona Superbird. We take a special UPCLOSE look at this amazing model! We visit the Mullin Automotive Museum and check out the scale French cars on display. We do a box stock build on Revell's NEW 1950 Oldsmobile kit, and take a peek at the NEW Gearz "Rat Roaster" 1932 Ford! We finish the not-so-stock "NoMadness" project, and do more work on the Ferrari 512 project. Some great stuff to check out in this new issue of MCB.
Have another interesting issue for you; We start our new Gilmore Gas Tanker project, take a look at what it takes to build a 1/16th scale ProMod (both parts wise and money wise), Chuck Doan shows us how to scratch build a 1/24th scale gas pump, Centerfold is Mike Carroll's '58 Edsel Custom, Part 2 of Phantom Muscle Cars, more Web Tips, and a Pro Street School bus! In this issue we have some very interesting feature cars from the web, from Roy's files, and from John Teresi! Plus we have some interesting web tips, a how-to on working with resin, and much more...
MCB No. 12 IN THIS ISSUE: How-To Polish Paint How-To Do Bare-Metal Foil How-To Add Brake Details Detailing a Vintage F/C FEATUR CARS: Rob Smorey’s Pro Mod 55 Mark Townsend’s “Butter Dish?” Tyrone Power’s Pro Mod 55 Sox & Martin Heritage Cars Neil Vanzile’s “Mooneyes” Dragster A Wedding Cake Car ? And more. MCB No. 14 Want to learn how to scratchbuild using brass and solder? Roger Lee shows us how. In a very indepth article Roger shows us how scratchbuild a ProMod chassis in brass! Steve Hinson's Wild Coupe, Revell's '49 Mercury Woody is built, and we share tips on how to paint it! We also show you Revells '50 Oldsmobile Custom, and how to do the panel paint job on it! Plus more WEB TIPS!

Lots of cool feature cars in this issue from Tom Kolankiewic's beautiful '32 Roadster to Jerry Shoger's cool delivery on the cover! How to articles include a look at replicating fittings, and what's available, how to make your own decals, making a brass gas pedal, and stripping paint.

In this issue Steve Morgan with a 14 page (!) how-to article where Steve shares all his building tips for the Henry "J" Led Sled on our cover! Hinging doors, building engine bay covers, custom headers, and more! Peter Matheil's 1/43rd scale STP Special is our feature car--you won't believe the detail on this tiny car. Stan Pinnick tells us how he built the "3 STAR Texaco" gas station diorama. Project updates: Big Buck Build, Ferrari 512, Gilmore Gas Truck, and more! Our special centerfold will leave you speechless! You don't want to miss the this issue of MCB!
Lots of cool inspiration in this issue! Build ups for Revell's new '67 Camaro kit, and Monogram's old Cherry Bomb kit. Some great feature cars; including a $13,000.00 Bugatti model car, Rodney Williams Pink Cadillac, and a french modeler builds a VW camper! Then there's web tips & more! In this issue we show you how to use Archer's Transfers to add weld beads and louvers to your next mold, how to make a simple one piece mold with Alumilite's Super Casting Kit, TDR 3D printed Pro Mod chassis, Dr. Cranky's book reviewed, our Pro Mod 1/16th scale project gets driver cockpit details, Charles Cochran's "Venon" Part 1, and a ton of feature cars!
This issue is Packed! How to: Colder Solder, Gas Truck details, Parachute Details, Venom Part 2, Big Buck Build: Injector details, detailing a snap kit, mold casting part two, and FIVE feature cars! This is our first big Greater Salt Lake City International Model Car Championship issue! Let’s hope we get to do it again in another two years! Our coverage is more about attending the event, then it is about the cars that were there. There’s other model magazines for that, we don’t do traditional events coverage. But I think you’re going to love this coverage. We build the GSL25 giveaway Corvette, smooth out 3D parts (or at least try to), build a custom interior on a budget, “Venom” Part 3, Ferrari Prestige (two really cool Ferraris), Our feature car is Shane Harrolds amazing ‘41 Chevy truck, and a unique piece of modeling history brought back to life; Olaf Wahl’s ‘46 Ford convertible.
Special GSL25 extended coverage! 8 pages of some of the nation's best model cars! We premiere Revell's '29 Roadster and '57 Ford wagon kit! Rodney Williams builds a Mercedes classic. The Lynx Project is uncovered.Venom part four: Interior. Centerfold is Mike Hensley's wild 1960 "Truckster"!! In this issue: We build Revell's new '29 Roadster, Roger Lee builds another brass chassis, Rodney builds a Hudson convertible, and much more...
We have two very nice feature cars in this issue, Stan Pinnick's replica of the "Golden Indian" Pontiac, and Dave Mehelich's '34 Ford is replicated by Michelmore Rod & Kustom. We build the new Foose Corvette by Revell, and try to finish two BRE Datsuns in time for NNL West. Other how-tos include aging wood and building a twin turbocharged big block! Rodney builds a Lambo, and there's a few picks from NNL West. Our special story is a close up look of John Teresi's award winning Harley Drag Bike that just won "People's Choice" at NNL West. Rodney builds a cool '32 Ford Roadster. We finish the Datsun 240Z in the second part on building twin Datsuns. Roy builds the Polarlights '65 GTO and is surprised that it is a snap kit! Special centerfold is the "Pontuna" custom Pontiac by "Doc" MidKiff. Workbench column continues with a new tool, and we have some great "Web Tips"!
We have three really great build’s in this issue! Norman Sterner shows us how he scratchbuilt his amazing, big scale, Supermodified! Three modelers join forces to build a replica of Bill Burnham’s famous, “Old Blue” ’29 roadster. Then John Teresi returns with a step by step on building a replica of a friend’s ’30 Gasser coupe. Plus, coverage of the Goodguys West Coast Nationals Model Car Contest, and a look at next issue’s project! In this special “As seen on the web” issue of MCB, we’ll take a look at some of those great products that has everyone talking about on the web! We will attend “ValleyCon” at the Petersen Museum, but we’ll also visit the Blackhawk Auto Museum and meet Master Modeler Marshall Buck. Tale of Two Porsches continues as finish the 914 and start on the 918. Plus more scratch building tips!
John Teresi amazes us with his latest creation; a replica of his Dads V8 drag bike! Kurt Wilson brings us some contest coverage. We build the new Foose Pickup by Revell, and complete our Porsche 918. For extra fun we visit real car museums, but check out the scale models on display. Fun issue! This issue is all about "inspiration." The dictionary describes it like this: "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative." After checking out all the amazing model cars in this issue, you'll be heading for the workbench with a lot of creative ideas! Our "Box Stock Suburban" might not look like the box art, but it's only what came in the box, honest.
The highlight of this issue has to be DAVID THIBODEAU’S MARTINI MUSTANG REPLICA! David shows us how he created this fantastic replica. I finally finish the Gilmore Tanker project. The box stock build for this issue is Revell's T-Bolt. There's a special edition of Web Tips where we focus on some workbench tools. We show you some cool things we found on the web. Then there's FIVE pages of NNL West coverage. Don't miss this special number 30 edition of MCB!! Big variety in this issue. MCB builds it's first diesel truck! Clay Kemp builds a IMCA Modified, we use Tamiya paints on a box stock '61 Impala build, add more details to our Foose pick up, and SIX pages of NNL East pictures! Will, SEVEN if you count the back cover! Proclaimed as one of the best NNL East coverage ever printed!
MCB Pictorials....      
MCB Pictorial No. 1 Just a bunch of model car pictures!! Grand National Roadster Show Model Car Contest, Goodguys in Pleasanton, and the Citrus Nationals from SoCal! Plus great feature cars! MCB Pictorial No. 2 Not really a contest coverage issue, but a scrapbook of how-tos and feature cars that didn't fit in the pages of Model Car Builder magazine. Highlights include Steve Hinson in our "Builder's Gallery", A how-to on sectioning, detailing a Revell 1/16th scale dragster, and my table top coverage of this year's model car contest from the Grand National Roadster Show and Pleasanton Goodguys show. Plus several more cool feature cars.



NNL West 2012 We bring you more of the show, more great cars, features on the winners, and we spot light a few of the builders. This is NNL West like you've never seen it before. 40 full color pages filled with some of the best model cars in the west! NNL West 2014 The NNL West just keeps getting better and better every year! The quality of the cars, the great friendships, and the awesome bargains at the swap meet! If you liked the last yearbook, you're going to love this years! We bring you more of the show, more great cars, features on the winners, and we spot light a few of the builders.
40 full color pages of some of the best model cars on the West Coast. This year's NNL West featured some great examples of Land Speed Record cars, and we have EIGHT PAGES of LSR cars in this yearbook! In our coverage we present a wide example of everything that was there! We also included bonus coverage of the 2014 NNL West! 44 PAGES!! Packed with some of the best model cars in the country! NNL West model car convention drew just over1,000 model cars filling its packed tables! But just like previous years books, will also show you the swap meet, the "Make N' Take", award ceremony & more!
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Micro Nitro
Dirt Modeler



NNL West 2018 Yearbook

By Roy Sorenson in Model Car Builder

44 pages, published 5/13/2018

This yearís NNL West yearbook is a little different then previous years. I was photographing cars for Model Car magazine but it was understood that we would get to use the pictures in the yearbook as well. So there are several feature cars, and descriptions for a lot of the cars. But donít worry, I kept the popular table shots, event shots, and award ceremony. Everyone who has seen this says it is the BEST yearbook yet!

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